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12/30Updated the BRCC event to show 10/18-19 instead of 10/18
12/3Added link on the Reports page to obtain a SWR permanent competition number - it will send an email to Walt (who manages the permanent numbers)
12/2Updated the image on the Home page to reflect the 2008 National Convention Logo which the SWR is hosting.
Added the Flyer for the '07 Awards Banquet being held in March of '08 - also updated the event date to the 15th instead of the 29th
Moved the 2006 Reports to a separate page for historical reference; cleaning up the report page to focus on current reports
11/30Updated Eileen's email address due to failed address
Added the known 2008 Schedule
Left the 2007 Schedule linked at the bottom for reference purposes
11/29Revamped the Links page - logically re-organizing links
Added the NCCC logo w/link to National's website
Replaced the FCOA logo with the current logo

Updated the 2007 Points

Added the Oct Governor's Meeting Minutes

Re-arranged the Reports webpage for ease of reading

Added Webmaster as one of the appointed Officers - along with adding notation for appointed vs elected officers

Doug assumed website responsibility after being appointed SWR Webmaster by the RE

 email: Webmaster                                                  last updated: 12/30/07